Polishing technology

The area we best at is to make products, which are stating with roller leveler, tension leveler which has required speeding up every day, the parts which are its heart: work roll, middle roll and back-up roll. We produce various products, for example, one hard-chrome plated on surface makes waer resistance better, other one had mat-plated for the purpose of preventing a slip, another has spiral grooves to drain, also, another one had given surface quenching.
One of the most important processes that breathe life into such products is polishing.
The polishing is a method using hard abrasive grain such as stone or diamond to remove surface of metal by bits. At this time, frictional heat arise on polishing objects and dilatation or curvature , therefore we usually polish with pouring cooling water.
By using the grinding technique based on the longest experience and versatile grinder, we can accurately make up from thin to thick.

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